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    10 Nov

    2 become 1: House Shifting after Marriage?

    From changing your surname to home address, house shifting after a big fat Indian wedding is one most exhilarating adventure in your life.

    Prior marriage you’re used to living life on your own terms, however moving in together takes you on a learning curve as both adjust to new roles whilst making the relationship last a lifetime. With doses of love, understanding and a bit of compromise and patience, this can be the happiest phase of your life.

    Over the years, Allianz packers, top India Packers and Movers Delhi to Noida Cost, have helped newlyweds with moving abroad as well as different cities across India. In this article, we’ve listed helpful tips to help ease the transition after moving post marriage.

    Time your move

    Planning is the key to a smooth move and therefore you and your partner must agree on the appropriate time to move in together. Whether you want to move after the honeymoon, or a week after functions, communicate and organize your move to be on the same page. A sound decision will also give needed time to relax and enjoy the after-wedding excitement.

    List your belongings

    When moving in it’s important to make room for the belongings of your spouse and avoid carrying repetitive or unnecessary stuff. List down the items to be carried and packed beforehand can avoid end-moment stress. As a couple do go through your things including wedding gifts, discuss and mutually decide on what to bring into the shared home to avoid the excess.

    Incase you lack space for your excess or seasonal belongings, you can opt for storage facility as an immediate solution. Allianz packers, top packers and movers Noida offer safe storage solutions that allow you convenient access to your belongings when you need it.

    Update your address and apply for utilities

    After the move notify all relevant parties about the change in your address. This could include your employer, post office, bank and other services providers you deal with. If you are moving to a brand-new home, ensure you apply for all utilities in advance to avoid inconveniences.

    Discuss finances, divide responsibilities

    Money turns a crucial factor when living together in an independent house. There comes a bunch of responsibilities of paying bills and sharing household chores such as doing the dishes, laundry or waking the dog. It’s important to openly converse on work schedules, shared financial expenses and responsibilities to come to terms before moving in together.

    Enjoy date nights and expect adjustment

    The whole house shifting process has happened because two people have started a new chapter in life. Apart from the routine unpacking and house set up chores, schedule quality time together with candlelight dinners, movie watching, long drives and more. Relish fun-filled moments, adjust to each other’s requests and never commit the mistake of taking each other for granted after marriage.

    We hope you found our tips for moving in together after marriage useful. Good luck with your new life.

    Moving in together?

    Whether you’re moving to a different Indian state or to another corner of the Globe for a brand-new start, the teams at Allianz packers can help you all the way. As a reputable International Relocation company, we’re known for our stress-free relocation services and assure to make your experience easy. Enjoy your journey as our planned international relocation services take care of every aspect of your move.


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