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    11 Nov

    An office relocation checklist to facilitate an office move

    Where is the new office? Local or overseas? Do you need storage space? Yes, we have many questions and answers for you.

    If your department has fewer individual departments, assign a number. If your office has an office, you can also assign them, such as 200 to 210 for marketing, 211 to 221 for telephone, etc. This way, you can label the boxes by number, and when the move is over, they will all be sent to the right office, the owner.

    For IT, be careful and ensure that all servers, data, switches, cables, etc. are ready for delivery. Hire professional office movers with IT experience. Arrange moving vehicles to park near the office exit to facilitate loading and unloading. Office packers movers pay attention to this because they have moving equipment to move heavy items.

    Please send an email to staff and the packing company with a detailed list of items and their location in the new building. Research with the carriers in the new location to get an idea of where to stay.

    Email employees the new office address and a map with directions, including the bus or train station. For employees, each item should be labeled with a desk number and the number assigned to each department. Items are usually boxed by the office and individual boxes are not distributed due to space constraints.

    Bookcases, lockers, and desks should be emptied, labeled, and locked for easy movement.
    Keyboards, cables, and cords must be labeled and addressed by the office.

    If your office has a kitchen, label the boxes with kitchen labels and pack the items. Combine micro-machines, machines and other machines. Clean out the refrigerator; count and fold.

    Ask employees to take laptops, chargers and other personal items home.

    Employees are used to the new environment of the office, so signs like 211 to 221 and the toilets are right in front and are placed on the left.

    Ask a trusted employee or representative to be in the new office during the move to smooth the transition and oversee loading and unloading. If a table is included, label it with the table number for easy identification.

    Set up all servers and data transfers before starting the process to avoid confusion. Work shifts over the weekend so that office work begins the following week.

    Office movers provide great resources to pack and make sure your belongings get there, but you have to organize it yourself, so start early.

    Who should you consider providing you with office moving services? It is worth mentioning that office relocation requires a lot of skills and experience. It’s not for everyone. Of course, someone who has little or no experience moving office furniture or other office equipment may not be a good choice. If you decide to hire someone who is younger or has no experience, you may be in trouble.

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