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    10 Nov

    Avoid Food Waste during House Shifting

    Do you end up throwing food when moving home? Then here are tips to avoid food waste when moving…

    When moving you’re busy with several tasks, and you forget tospect the food supplies in your fridge and storeroom. And as the move day approaches, you end up throwing a lot of food in the bin which could have been useful to someone in need.

    Food wastage is a growing global concern, and it is alarming to know that 40% of the food produced in India is wasted and millions of Indians remain malnourished with one-third being children. Knowing this, we at Allianz packers, professional India Packers and Movers Delhi to Mumbai Cost, want to make sure that house shiftings don’t further contribute to food waste.

    We as Indians should take to an oath to do all we can to mitigate the food crisis. Our movers offer you useful tips to optimally utilize food resources and ensure minimal waste.

    Inspect and categorize

    A month before moving, take stock of all the food items in your freezer, fridge and pantry. Sort the edibles based on categories- perishable (fresh food) or non-perishable (canned/packeted stuff), frozen or refrigerated. This will present a fair idea of what needs to be used and that can be carried along.

    Throw away

    Whichever items are expired or not fit for consumption, then head straightaway to the garbage to dump it off.

    Give away

    Food stuff in good condition that you won’t use can be donated to people in need. Head to orphanage homes or houses below the poverty line to distribute these food packets. This way you save yourself the additional cost of carrying the stuff to your new residence, plus you ensure the act served a greater purpose to satisfy someone’s hunger. A win-win for both.

    Use up or pack

    A week before moving reduce your trips to supermarkets and refrain from impulse buying. This way you can focus on using up whatever perishable supplies are there at home. Search for new recipes to mix ingredients and cook creative meals for your kids to relish. As the move day is tiring one, prepare and pack some energy-giving chapatti rolls or sandwiches. Lastly, zip your bag with refreshments such as bottled beverages and snacks while unpacking and organizing your new home.

    We hope these tips help you utilize all of your food and ensure no waste during the house shifting process.

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