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    09 Aug

    How to Pack Television for Relocating

    Television is one of the most fragile and prone to damage items you will find in your house which is the reason it becomes extremely difficult to move television unless taken proper care. Regardless of the type of TV you own, packing one for a move may be complicated and difficult. But if you combine the appropriate packing materials with the right moving methods and hire a professional Packers and movers in Noida or the city you live in, you can be confident that your pricey home entertainment equipment will arrive undamaged and prepared to use while you finish unpacking your new house. 

     Steps to pack television for relocation

    Arrange for good packing materials

    Once you’ve made the decision to pack a TV, gather the tools you’ll require, starting with the box the TV came in. This will be the ideal approach to pack the TV if you have saved the original TV box and packaging supplies. The packaging materials were created to hold the TV firmly and cushion the screen without allowing any moving inside the box, and the box is precisely the right size to accommodate the device. If you don’t have the original box, you can arrange other cushions to keep the screen protected. 


    Protecting the screen is very important

    The most crucial thing is to make sure you protect the TV screen whatever you plan to pack or transport it. Although most people consider cushioning the TV to protect it from drops, few people are aware that the screen material can be damaged by scratching. Cover the TV screen with the original protective sleeve. If the original packaging is not available, cover the screen with two pieces of bubble wrap that are the right size for the screen. Using packaging tape, fix the screen covering in place. Don’t forget to tape the wrap over and attach the tape to the TV casing. Tape must not contact any area of the actual screen.

    Packing process

    To create a protective barrier over the screen, begin by wrapping the centre of the TV with two to three layers of bubble wrap, working your way up. A piece of foam should be placed in each of the TV’s corners. Apply packing tape to secure it. The TV should be placed flat in the middle of the moving blanket, screen side facing up. Next, wrap the blanket like a present by folding each side in and over the screen.  Stretch wrap should be used to wrap the bundle from top to bottom and again from side to side after sealing the edges using packing tape.

    Transporting the TV

    The TV will stay upright and won’t be smashed by any weight shifts if you load it between two other flat, upright, and solid objects when loading it in a truck provided by House shifting services in Noida. This should provide the TV stability and padding for the journey if you can create a gap next to your mattress and another piece of furniture, such as the back of your sofa or a big chair. To add further cushioning, place movable blankets all around the television.

    Unloading and unpacking the TV carefully

    As the TV is being unloaded from the truck and set up in the new house, make sure it stays upright. Until you are prepared to unpack it, you can lay it against a wall away from the path of foot traffic. Lift the TV out of the box. Obtain assistance from a helper if the set is huge. Place the TV where it will be located and reattach the legs or stand.

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