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    10 Nov

    Moving with a baby? Here’s help!

    A baby at home is in itself a big adventure. But have you ever imagined what’s it to shift home with your munchkin and maintain your energy in the process? Well, here are tips to help you relocate smoothly.

    A house shifting process is energy and time consuming and that’s what new parents fall short of. Now that the baby occupies a central part of their lives, activities such as feeding, bathing and putting him/her to sleep consume energy. When mom’s low on energy, the baby is up and active. Even the slightest disturbance can wake your little one to endless cries. Your curious toddler can even meddle with the boxes and trip over when least expected.

    Allianz packers, a top India moving company, totally understands the apprehensions of families when moving with an infant. Our team of Packers and Movers Delhi to Hyderabad Cost exert a fair amount of planning to make your move hassle-free, so that you can focus your energy on your baby.

    We have listed a few tips to help you prepare for the move:

    Pack baby essentials

    You know what’s important to your child so don’t let anything get mixed up in the other boxes. Pack a bag full of essentials for your child (bottle, milk, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacifiers, blanket and first aid kit) so that they can be immediately pulled out when your child needs them during the move. If your child is attached to a certain toy, then include it in the bag.

    Maintain the baby’s routine

    Infants get crankier or find it difficult to sleep in places unfamiliar to them. Hence it’s important you quickly unpack and set up the baby’s room first. Arrange the nursery close to the way it was and scatter their favorite toys to bring more comfort and familiarity. Try maintaining the same routine of meals and sleep and be patient as your child deals with the change.

    Baby-proof the new house

    A clean house is vital to your baby’s wellbeing. It’s best to get the house deep cleaned and sanitized before moving in. Child-proof the place with gates to block access to stairways and restricted areas. Place safety locks on cabinets that contain harmful products or medicines and secure furniture items to avoid tip overs.

    Get extra hands

    If unpacking chores plus managing the baby is getting too much to handle, hire a babysitter to manage the infant as you go about setting up the house. You can also request help from the child’s grandparents or a trusted friend. Just having an extra set of eyes on the baby will reduce the pressure on you and enable you organize things worry-free.

    Hire professional movers and packers

    With all the demands of managing the infant, it’s difficult to devote necessary time and energy for moving. When the relocation job is entrusted to a skilled moving company, moving becomes easier. Professional home movers in India can be of immense help to a family relocating with a newborn or toddler. Their reliable moving services will ease your burden and finish off the shifting in no time.

    Leave the entire stressful lifting and coordination on the moving team, so that you can concentrate on your baby and pamper him/her with love and attention.

    We hope these tips are helpful to get you started.

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