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    09 Aug

    The Complete Home Essentials List with Expert Tips and a Checklist

    The worry of migrating from one place to another has always existed. Not only are the chores of packing and moving challenging, but there is also a possibility that the goods might be damaged. It is very obvious that poor handling and packaging will lead to damaged goods. This is why many people today decide to deal with reliable Packers and movers in Bangalore to avoid the difficulties of moving and ensure the security of their belongings. Professional packers and movers are trained individuals who have the skills necessary to pack anything efficiently and transport the items to their destination safely. When you hire a professional, your time and effort is saved extensively which is why it is always advised to hire professionals. 

    There are a number of packers and movers available in the market and you might get confused as to whom to select. In this article, we will tell you some tips which you can follow for choosing the reliable packers and movers.

    Never pay a large money in advance

    Reputable movers won’t demand cash up front or a major payment. Only pay when the product is delivered. If not, you could never see your belongings again. And to help protect you against any fraud, pay with a credit card if possible. Following these steps will definitely protect your capital and ensure a smooth and safe relocation

    Never trust companies that operate under different names

    Some businesses use alternative identities in order to avoid being reported to the police. Red flags include a firm’s lack of a physical location, staff who don’t answer the phone using the organisation’s full name, and any instances in which the company does business as another name. Additionally, the business should be able to provide you with information about its insurance and licensing, including the company’s licence numbers.

     Beware of extra charges

    Ask the mover if there are any additional charges that would be necessary for your case. These can include negotiating stairs and lifts, relocating in a busy neighbourhood, or doing it on a roadway that is too narrow for a moving truck to pass through. Although none of the costs are excessive, they should be considered in advance. 

     Never sign a blank contract

    Get everything in writing and never sign an unwritten agreement. Check your contract carefully and confirm that all of your possessions are mentioned after a moving inventory. Something that is not listed in the inventory list cannot be the subject of a claim. However, good House shifting services in Bangalore will never ask you to sign a blank contract.

    Always report problems as early as possible

    You have nine months to notify the moving business of any issues and submit a moving complaint. The mover must confirm receipt of your claim within 30 days. The mover is required to reject your claim or make a payment offer within 120 days of receiving it. On the day of the move, attempt to open every box to check for damage because there won’t be much time. So, before signing the bill of lading, you can make any necessary notes on the mover’s copy of the document.

    Try to find out the reviews from local people

    You should check the honest reviews left by actual customers online for sure but also be sure to collect reviews from others in your neighbourhood. Talk to the users about their experience using the moving company. While selecting your packers and movers, you would be secure if you were cautious in your searches and made sure to read only authentic evaluations

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