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    10 Nov

    Tips for Packing Fragile Glassware for the Move

    Each of us have our favourite mugs to sip hot tea each morning and when moving homes, you obviously want to enjoy the same experience at your new place. Yes, delicate crockery and tableware in your kitchen do carry a sentimental value apart from monetary value. That’s why when moving them to a new home they need to be handled with extreme caution to prevent the slightest breakage.

    At Packers and Movers Delhi to Chennai Cost, trusted international movers in India, we have laid down a few tips to properly pack your fragile glassware and ensure no damage whatsoever. If you are deeply in love with your cups or plates, follow these useful tips to ensure their continued use in your new home as well.

    Protect the corners

    Their edges and corners of your crockery are susceptible to breakage and can get easily damaged during transportation. That’s why it’s important you wrap them with a lot of bubble wraps and crumpled papers as much as you can. This will provide extra cushioning to the item and protect it during movement.

    Pack in the right order

    Placing things in appropriate order is necessary in boxes. Start packing the boxes by laying down the heaviest items first such as trays or plates at the bottom, and then place the light-weight items such as glasses or mugs on the top half of the box.

    Pad the boxes

    Ensure there’s no empty space in the moving box that contains your fragile stuff. Use a lot of padding materials such as crumpled paper, bubble wraps and towels, to safely cushion your fragile stuff. Shake the box to see if you hear noise or feel any movement and stuff additional packing paper in the gaps to make it tight. During the move, this acts as a shock-absorbing material that protects your stuff during bumps and turns.

    Seal and label

    Whichever boxes house your most delicate stuff, mark or label them as ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with care’ so that the movers are aware they need to extra careful when handling them. Seal the box with tape and set them aside in one corner of your room away from the other boxes.

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