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    10 Nov

    Tips for Safely Moving your Precious Jewelry

    The most precious and valuable items you need to move are the smallest and their packing is often overlooked when moving given several other pre-move tasks. Moving valuables – particularly jewelry – can be quite a challenge as they warrant complete attention and care to avoid damage or misplacement.

    You need to cautiously pack your ornaments and move them safely considering the sentimental value they carry. We have put down a guide on ways you can securely pack your jewelry.

    Tabulate inventory

    Making a list of all your jewelry will help you know if something is lost during transit. If you have dozens of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, we highly recommend writing down a brief description of all items. Capture photos of your jewelry prior to packing so that when you unpack at the new home you can compare your current jewelry items to the list and photos.

    Sort the items

    Jewelry that carries monetary or emotional value deserves to be separated from the rest of the pack. Segregate the ornaments in distinct groups- necklaces together, earrings in another, bracelets and rings in another group. Make sure to pack these separate from your imitation jewelry and accessories. While it’s fine to allow movers to move your costume accessories, we recommend always carrying valuable jewelry pieces in your bag on the moving day.

    Suitable cases

    Find compact boxes or cases for packing all jewelry items. We suggest sunglass cases, egg cartons, and cardboard rolls for hooking smaller jewelry pieces such as rings and earrings. You can buy custom jewelry cases/boxes to securely place gold necklaces, bangles or bracelets. If not, go in for small zip pouches along with cloth or plastic wraps for extra protection. Use tape to securely strap jewelry pieces in the box and rubber bands to hold all the packets together.

    Code the boxes

    We recommend you not to label boxes containing expensive jewelry to reduce chances of theft. Instead, all boxes and cases containing jewelry can be given code words or colours that only you and your family know. This’ll make it easier to track your precious ornaments, identify cases and unpack.

    Hire reliable movers in India!

    The best way to move safely along with your valuables is to hire trusted professional house movers for the job. Conduct online research and go through customer reviews. After pre-screening the movers in town, select the best moving company in India.

    As mentioned earlier, it’s wise to carry your jewelry cases along with you no matter how trustworthy the moving company is, whilst the regular household goods can be entrusted to the packers in India. In case you still wish to move a few jewelry and heirlooms items using Packers and Movers Delhi to Bangalore Cost, inquire if they have insurance valuation coverage. This way, if anything is lost or damaged in transit, you’ll receive an agreed level of compensation.

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