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    10 Nov

    Tips to prepare your Kids for a Home Move

    My 6-year-old daughter wept ‘Mummy this isn’t my room and not my home. Why have you brought me here?’. As she pleaded to go back home, it was disturbing to watch her behave reluctantly to adjust to her new life.

    Moving home is indeed stressful, and yes this can get even more stressful for your little ones. Kids are used to routine and thrive in an environment they’re used to. The process of home moving uproots them from their known surroundings, away from friends and into a place strange to them. Though the task of home relocation can be efficiently managed by experienced Packers and Movers Delhi to Pune Cost in town, not many parents are experienced to deal with children’s anxieties when moving.

    The responsibility of making the relocation easy for the children rests with the parents and that’s why we’ve put together tips to make the move less stressful.

    Keep communication clear

    The key to preparing your child for the move is to communicate early and clearly explain the reason behind house shifting. Reveal interesting aspects of the new city and home such as spacious rooms, greener neighborhoods, better schools, parks and other amenities. Get their curious minds to work and encourage them to ask questions. Keeping the kids informed makes them mentally prepared and sets aside their fears.

    Involve them in packing and organizing

    Encourage your kids to pack their own stuff -toys, books and clothes. Pep them up to get creative while packing and labeling stuff with color codes. Upon reaching their new home, get them busy organizing their room and take their opinions regarding the best color shades and décor elements. When you stimulate excitement in the home set-up process, they’re likely to look forward to living in the new house.

    Allow sufficient rest and sleep

    Get your kids’ room in order as a priority and try close to maintain their routine of meals, sleep and rest. This will replenish their energy after a tiring journey. Monitor your kids’ activities during the initial weeks post moving. In case you spot any behavioral changes such as keeping low or display of aggression, seek immediate medical help from a clinical psychologist.

    Familiarize them to the new place

    Before moving, allow your kids to tour online popular attractions in town and show them photos of the new house to pique their curiosity. Should the distance be manageable, plan family visits to the new home and school for them to imagine a wonderful life ahead. After moving in, go on an adventure ride and get the kids explore the parks, restaurants and shopping centers around. Take them along when greeting neighbors and they might end up making new friends.

    Organize a get together party

    Throw a housewarming party inviting families in the neighborhood (with safety protocols in place). A get-together will not just help the kids mingle but even get them to share common interests and arrange playtime over weekends.

    We hope you found these tips useful to help your kids thrive in their new surroundings and move on with their life.

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