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    09 Aug

    Easy Moving and Packing Tips

    Moving house can be one of the most stressful events in your life but we think it doesn’t have to be that way4. We have put together some easy Pack and Move tips that will help make the move less stressful and the cheapest way to move house in India. Don’t break your back or your precious household items, follow these tips and if you are struggling then you can enlist the help of packing and moving services from Packers and Movers Hyderabad to Dehradun.

    1. Clear the clutter – Before you start packing or use packing services you should clear out your clutter first. Don’t bring things that you don’t use or need. Make piles to sell, donate, and trash. 
    2. Use categories – Sort everything into categories. That way you can find things easily when unpacking because you will know where everything is. Examples could be clothes, books, toys, important documents, etc.
    3. Choose the best Packers and Movers Kolkata to Delhi – You need to make sure that if you’re using the cheapest way to move house in India services, you choose the best one because a bad team will create a stressful moving experience. The Nations Movers are the India’s top-rated packers and movers.
    4. Organize Tasks – Stay organized by using to-do lists and a task calendar. If you have millions of things running through your head, chances are you will forget something. Use a list for tasks such as donating books, etc. You can use the calendar for events such as Friday – call The Nations Movers. 
    5. Recycle boxes – You don’t have to buy moving boxes. Ask at local stores for boxes and save boxes from items such as electronics, that way you can save money and recycle. Don’t forget to label the boxes too. You can use a number system so give each room a number. You can also buy stickers with different rooms wrote on them or write the labels yourself. Keep boxes from the same rooms together too. 
    6. Make sure you have supplies – Don’t run out of packing tape and other supplies. This will unnecessarily hold up the process. 
    7. Start packing in advance – Start packing months ahead with things you won’t be bringing. Get rid of those and then start packing up things you don’t use every day such as decorative items.
    8. Change address and disconnect services – Make sure that all delivery companies and companies that supply services such as your internet know you moving. 
    9. Protect your items – Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or blankets. Pack plates vertically instead of stacking them as this will help to prevent cracks. Make sure bottles and toiletries don’t leak by taking off the lid and putting clingfilm or a plastic bag over the top and then put the lid back on.
    10. Keep essentials separate – Pack a suitcase or bag with all the things you will need straight away. Think about toothbrushes, toilet paper, a change of outfit, etc.
    11. Make sure you have somewhere to sleep – The beds should be a priority in your new home. After a long day of unpacking, the last thing you will want is lost bed sheets or no bed made at all. 

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