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    09 Aug

    How to Move Your House Safely

    Moving house will cause you to experience everything from stress to utter excitement. Most people who have moved to a new home will tell you how difficult the actual move can be. You will find all the usual hints and tips for packing so you don’t lose your belongings but you also need to consider safety. So, to make the move easy, efficient, and safe, we have created a list of tips you need to know on how to house move in India safely.

    1. Keep boxes under 20kg – When packing you should not pack boxes above the recommended weight of 20kg. This is to help avoid injuries for you and the Packers and Movers Hyderabad to Lucknow when lifting and moving boxes. 
    2. Know your limits – You may be tempted to move all of your furniture yourself. But if there is anything that you can’t manage then make sure you do not injure yourself. Packing and moving services from The Nations Movers will ensure that heavy and large furniture is moved safely. If you don’t feel 100% confident when moving heavier pieces then don’t.
    3. Wear the correct clothing – If you are moving furniture yourself then you need to wear the appropriate clothing. Make sure your feet are covered with flat sensible shoes in case you drop something on your foot and to avoid accidents. You should also make sure you are dressed for the weather. 
    4. Keep organized – It is so easy to become chaotic on a moving day. But not staying organized and having all your belongings all over the place can cause accidents. Make sure your walkways are clear and that everything is packed safely to avoid trips and falls.
    5. Arrange babysitters or pet sitters – Moving day is stressful and hectic. The last thing anyone needs are pets and children running around and causing accidents because people are walking around with heavy boxes. It may be best to keep the kids and pets away on moving day.
    6. Have the correct equipment – Equipment can make or break your move so it is best to get it right. Choose sturdy and strong boxes that can handle heavy items, use the correct lifting techniques and consider using a moving dolly. 
    7. Be aware of the weather – The weather conditions should be considered on moving days. On hot summer days make sure you keep hydrated because of all the moving and lifting. While on colder days make sure you have hot drinks to hand and consider the risks of slipping if it is raining. 
    8. Call in the professionals – The best way to keep everyone safe is to hire professionals for your move. The Nations Movers have over 6 years of experience as a family-run business. Our team is trained and can handle any situation. Don’t risk breaking your belongings, having an accident, and succumbing to the stress. Call us. 

    Follow these tips on how to house move in India safely. This way you can enjoy the excitement of moving to a new home in the safest way possible. 

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