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    08 Jul

    India- Tips to Find Professional P&M For Household, Car

    The process of home shifting is not easy. That’s something everyone has to admit. It does not help if you have a car. No, you cannot just stuff your possessions in your car and drive off to your new home. Any attempt to do so would damage both your household goods, and your car.

    The whole process can be made more efficient, though. And also a lot easier and a lot less stressful, if you hire one of the top packers and movers cities like India. They help with home shifting as well as car shifting, even if it is within the city itself. But among the top packers and movers India, which one should you choose? Here are some tips as to how you can find a suitable home relocation services in India, relocation company for home and car shifting. After all, you will be trusting them with your precious belongings, and your car as well, which is perhaps the most expensive thing you possess.Note that personal things like clothing, toys, jewellery, money, and important documents are not transported by Packers and Movers Gurgaon to Pune. Also, fragile electronic goods like computers and TVs are transported independently of household items.

    1) Reputation – Word of mouth is possibly the best recommendation a professional company can get. Consult directories, forums, and expert advice columns in magazines or blogs for ratings and reviews. Remember that customers tend to complain about poor services more often than praise a company. You can also try posting your specific requirements and ask for help online packers and movers or movers and packers near me offline.

    2) Selection – Before you select any particular movers and packers, rule out frauds by viewing the balance sheets of the companies you shortlist. Contact each and state what you need. Every professional home shifting and car shifting company would be prepared to send a trained employee to survey the items to be moved, including the car. After the survey, you would be provided with a quote. Compare quotes by different companies and choose one that is genuine, has a good reputation, and provide services at pocket-friendly rates.

    3) Packing, Loading, Inventory and Insurance – Choose a company that assesses each item and packs it with a suitable, high-quality material ranging from bubble wrap to wooden crates. They will be labelled and loaded according to priority. Make an inventory and insure your goods before they are transported. The best home shifting in India  would themselves arrange insurance documents on your behalf. This way, you can claim compensation for any damage to your goods caused during transit.

    4) Car Shifting – Car carriers are equipped with hydraulic ramps and wheel jammers that lock the car in place so that it does not move in transit. Some operators, however, tend to unload and reload the car at certain points during transit. Since this increases chances of damage to your car, especially the tires, choose the company that loads the car at the departure point and doesn’t unload it until reaching the destination. The delivery of the car should be synchronised with the delivery of your household goods.

    5) Unpacking and Unloading – For most household relocation companies, setting up your new home is part of the package. But some companies have different packages, with the cheapest package allowing the set up of only the bare essentials and the most expensive package ensuring the set up of the entire space in your new home.

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