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    06 Jul

    Moving items: How do I pack a box? Is it safe

    My husband’s company just moved him from the east coast to the west. It was our first move in twenty years and I had no idea how I started packing. You can help

    Packing? Did you ask the right person? Anyone who has seen me pack a Christmas present, especially a box, will laugh out loud to read the rest of the article. My book is about unpacking your stress centers, not packing boxes.

    However, I always get such questions. And as The Moving Lady, I have a reputation as a protector, so here it is. (1) If possible, hire professional Packers and Movers Pune. They pack quickly and are responsible for the damage.

    And they will tell you what to do. (Don’t even try to guess.) Make sure everything is clean and dry. If possible, arrange the properties when they are opened: place the living room equipment. If not, their most common question is, “Will he go or stay?”

    (2) Just do it! There are not many secrets for packing boxes. I look at the benefits and their most important advantage is speed. They carried a lot of supplies in boxes, threw everything more or less neatly, closed each box when it was full, and opened the other. Some use newspapers as a filler for weak things; others use popcorn.

    When I pack, I prefer to pack fragile things in clothes, towels, fabrics and other fabric things that I take with me. Why move packaging materials you don’t need?

    (3) Wrap the light. The most common mistake is packing multiple boxes. If it is too heavy, the movers may refuse to take it.

    If you pack yourself:

    (1) Grab the things you don’t need and send them to the Salvation Army. When in doubt, don’t throw things away – on the other side is the Salvation Army.

    (2) Packing one room at a time. Mark the boxes. Activists will provide you with special boxes for broken and mirrors if you are determined to do it yourself. They need to give you locker boxes so you can pick up your clothes from the closet to the box. If you have original boxes for computers, TVs and VCRs, use them.

    (3) Search the business transfer website on the website. Almost every website has a collection of great packaging tips. They even have creative ideas, such as marking rooms with multicolored tape. Your own transfer company will probably provide you with more brochures than last time. (4) Get Started Soon! Start collecting boxes as soon as possible. If you have valuables that are not exchangeable or are too expensive, take out your own insurance and have it evaluated before handing it over to the company.

    (5) Taking photographs of every aspect of the movement documentation can be valuable if you have conflicting claims.

    (6) Take your pets with you in the car or as checked baggage. If you move in the summer, the airline may refuse to accept the animals for transport. If you book in advance, you can bring one to your cabin.

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