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    09 Aug

    Must-Know Tips for Moving With Major Appliances

    You’re moving to a new place with Packers and Movers Kolkata to Ranchi , and you need to take steps to protect your investments. Refrigerators, washing machines and dryers likely are some of the most expensive items you own, and they deserve special attention when you’re moving with major appliances.

    Before you move these appliances, make sure to clean them thoroughly. You’ll also want to leave time to ensure they dry properly post-cleanse before they go on the moving truck.

    Moving appliances

    • Besides cleaning and drying, there are tips specific to each appliance in your residence. Here’s a quick guide to moving with major appliances.


    • Disconnect the hoses and drain them.
    • Leave the dishwasher door open for a few days prior to your move to facilitate drying.
    • Wrap the dry hoses in towels and packing paper and then place them inside the dishwasher for safety during the move.

    Washing Machine

    • As with your dishwasher, disconnect the hoses and drain them.
    • Wrap the metal connector ends of hoses in a towel and place them inside the washer.
    • Secure the tub following the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damage.
    • If you don’t have the manufacturers guidelines, purchase a washer kit with instructions on how to secure the tub by tightening down the tub-using screws.
    • Movers may be able to arrange a third-party services provider for these tasks.
    • Upon arrival to your new home, have your washing machine installed by a qualified installer.

    Clothes Dryer

    • Clean the lint screen.
    • Prior to plugging in your electric dryer at your new residence, make sure the power supply is proper for the appliance.
    • If you are moving a gas dryer, have a qualified technician disconnect it and cap off the gas line. Your moving crew isn’t qualified to perform this services.


    • Cleanliness is paramount!
    • Grease left on a stovetop will catch dust and dirt—and leave spots on anything it touches.
    • Detach all removable parts and pack them safely in a box.
    • If you are moving a gas range, have a qualified technician disconnect it and cap off the gas line (see above note about your moving personnel).
    • When arriving at your new residence with your gas range, you will need a qualified gas installer to check your gas supply, connect the gas line, seal any openings, light the pilot and handle any other hook-up requirements.

    Refrigerator and Freezer

    • Dispose of all perishables.
    • Unplug the power cord to wash and dry all removable parts thoroughly.
    • Allow the parts, including the interior of the refrigerator and freezer, to dry thoroughly.
    • Pack all loose parts, including bins and shelves, in a secure container.
    • Vacuum the condenser or compressor to remove dust.
    • Empty and clean the evaporator pan and allow time for it to dry.
    • If you have a cold water dispenser or automatic ice maker, turn off the water and disconnect the water line.
    • Empty the water reservoir.
    • Have a professional reconnect the icemaker and water dispenser to the waterline in your new home.
    • Additional equipment including copper tubing, a shut-off valve, and fittings may be required at your new place.

    Microwave Oven

    • Remove the glass tray to wrap and securely pack it separately in a well-padded box.
    • The microwave should be packed in a well-cushioned carton.
    • If your microwave is large, ask your moving professional if it can be pad-wrapped on moving day.
    • Don’t place cardboard in the door opening because it can spring the door during transit.
    • Don’t block the exhaust vent when installing the microwave at your new home.

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