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    09 Aug

    Seven Step Guide to Moving Home

    Whether you are moving locally or relocating to a different country, (Packers and Movers Hyderabad to Mumbai) moving home is a big step and, unless you are properly prepared, can be exceptionally stressful. We have therefore put together this Seven Step Guide to Moving Home to make life a little easier and keep your move as hassle-free as possible.

    Seven Step Guide to Moving Home

    Step 1 – While moving on your own is ok if you have very little furniture/few belongings to move, a full house move exposes you to an increased risk of personal injury, as well as potential damage to your belongings. Hiring a reputable, experienced removal company well in advance of your moving date will minimise these risks and ensure your belongings are insured in case of accidental loss or damage.

    Find suitable companies by asking friends/relatives for recommendations or search for British Association of Removers members. Get quotes from at least three two or three specialist companies before committing yourself.

    We have over 30 years’ experience in local, national and international removals. You can get a free, no-obligation quote from us by calling 08000 741 741 or contacting us online.

    If you are moving abroad (Europe or International), you should also find out about any necessary paperwork, customs regulations and requirements of your new country at this point. You can find relevant information for most countries here.

    Step 2 – Packing is one the most stressful elements of moving home. Many removal companies offer professional packing services and it is well worth considering taking advantage of such services to save yourself the stress and hassle of this dreaded chore. We also provide a range packing/unpacking services – you can learn more about them here.

    Step 3 – Start getting organised about a month before your moving date. This includes:

    Booking (if necessary) time of work

    Giving notice to your landlord (if living in rented accommodation)

    Contacting telephone/utility providers toform them of your impending move

    If you have small children and/or pets, you may also want to start asking family/friends if they can look after them for you on the day you move. This is not only safer for your kids and pets, it will also minimise moving day stress both for you and them.

    There is a good chance that you will not really want at least some of your belongings in your new home, so now is an excellent time to declutter. Separate your belongings into items you want to take, items you can sell, give to charities or recycle and items to throw away. This will ensure you do not clutter up your new home with the same old unwanted stuff you kept tripping over in your old home and make packing (and unpacking) a great deal easier.

    If you do decide to pack yourself, this is also the time to make sure you have enough of all the necessary materials – boxes, padding (tissue paper, bubble wrap) and parcel tape – ready at hand to start packing at least two weeks before you move (See Step 4). We can also help you with that – just give us a call on the above number to learn more.

    Step 4 – About two weeks before your move:

    Contact your removal firm (if using one) with final details

    Contact your telephone provider and ask for the phone in your new home to be connected

    Arrange building/contents insurance for your new house

    Tell your local authority about your move

    This is also a good time to start packing belongings you rarely use (see above image for some handy packing tips).

    Step 5 – A week before the ‘big day’, pack everything except items you are likely to need between now and the moving date and:

    Pay all outstanding bills

    Arrange for your mail to be redirected

    Place valuable and important items (i.e. birth certificates, passports, jewellery, etc.) into a safe, easy to access place

    Get a TV licence for your new house

    Inform authorities/other relevant people of your move (our image below should help make sure you don’t miss anyone).

    Step 6 – The day before you are moving:

    Do any last-minute packing, keeping a box with essential items (i.e. kettle, coffee, teabags, mugs, toilet paper, a torch, spare batteries and bulbs, etc.) handy

    Disconnect appliances and defrost your fridge/freezer

    Check with suppliers to ensure that utilities (gas, electricity, phone, water) have been switched on in your new house

    Leave a ‘welcome card’ for the new people moving into your home, together with any instructions they may require (where to find gas/electricity meters, stop cocks for the water supply; how to operate heating/air conditioning systems, boilers, etc.) and a couple of local take-away menus.

    Clean the house and then get a good night’s sleep

    If you can’t face the ‘cleaning operation’, you may want to take advantage of our professional before/after moving cleaning services.

    Step 7 – Moving day! If you haven’t already done so, take your children/pets to the friends/family members who are looking after them for the day, then:

    Make sure appliances are disconnected

    Turn off utilities (gas, electricity, water) at the mains

    Secure doors/windows before setting off to your new house

    Make sure boxes/furniture are deposited in the correct rooms as they are being brought into your new home – this will make unpacking a lot easier!

    Once all your belongings are in your new home, unpack only the essentials and take a rest – it’s been a long day and you can unpack everything else over the next few days. Dreading those ‘little touches’ that make a house a home (like hanging light fittings, wall-mounting your TV or plumbing in your washing machine, for instance)? Allow our professional handymen to get on with that while you focus on settling into your new home.

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