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    09 Aug

    How to get rid of stuff before moving

    Once you have sorted out and categorized all of the items in your home, it will become much easier to actually do something about the stuff you will not take with you. At times, you are likely to face up some tough decisions as to whether to pay for the relocation of specific items or not. Don’t be surprised to experience difficulties with the Unwanted/Unneeded category because those will be the things you are supposed to optimize in the first place.

    For now, let’s assume that you’ve made all the right decisions and your next task is to figure out how to get rid of your stuff when you move with Packers and Movers pune to Bangalore – that is, the things you’re not moving to your new residence. Luckily, you have a number of good options.

    Option 1. Sell your unwanted things online

    Believe it or not, selling your unwanted items online is the best way to purge stuff before moving. The truth is that you know WHY you should do it too –  to earn additional money to cover your moving costs! And who could possibly say NO to that!

    Here are the main points to consider when selling stuff online:

    How to organize a garage sale

    Unless you’re putting up for sale hot items at low prices, selling unwanted items online takes time. Count the days you have until Moving day and try to figure out if you’ll have enough time or not. You can always attempt to sell online some items after the move but you will have already paid for their transportation, so the purpose will be defeated.

    Prepare the items you want to sell on the Internet – clean them thoroughly or do some minor repairs to make them look good.

    Assess the value of your stuff and think of reasonable prices that will sell relatively fast. If you’re not sure about the price tags, see how similar products are priced at a few reputable websites. Warning: Do not price your items too low because you don’t want to lose money at the end of the day.

    Make quality photos of the products and do create close-up photographs of problematic areas in order to sell things online successfully.

    Take your time in writing a catchy ad that will attract potential customers – include important background information about the products, make sure you mention their strengths and don’t forget to say why you are selling them as people will try to figure out if there’s a catch or not.

    Decide how your items will be shipped and what payment methods you will accept.

    Be as honest as possible as there is little to gain from trying to trick people. Respond quickly to any inquiries about the items and keep a friendly tone through.

    Consider using the top-rated websites for selling things: Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.

    Option 2. Sell your unneeded items at a moving sale

    Organizing a moving sale prior to moving can be a great option for you to get rid of unwanted things in your home. Whether you will call it a garage sale or a yard sale, the idea here is tovite people from nearby neighborhoods to come to your home and buy something from the things you have displayed on your yard and in your garage.

    The top 5 things to know when organizing a garage sale are:

    Saturdays are considered the best days to hold a garage sale before moving but weekdays can also prove to be beneficial, especially if you aim at people who drive by your house to or back from work.

    It’s best to start the sale early in the morning (8 am) so that you can catch the morning traffic of people and have the entire day for profitable deals.

    Contact the local authorities to see if you will need a special permit to hold a moving sale – some areas require that you do.

    Similar to online sales, clever advertising is key for a successful garage sale, as is reasonable pricing.

    Keep the open sale safe for small children, think of ways to make the entire area more attractive, and be open to greet all sorts of people with a friendly smile.

    MUST READ: How to organize a profitable garage sale

    Option 3. Give away unwanted things to friends and family

    How to recycle unwanted stuff

    Are you still searching for the best way to get rid of unwanted things? Search no more!

    There’s no doubt that earning some money from the items you’re not taking with you can be useful, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of making a close friend or a family member happy by gifting them something of yours they do need or want to have.

    It could be anything – from pieces of furniture through pieces of clothing to pairs of shoes – the idea here is to get a win-win situation by keeping your moving costs under control and making a friend’s day at the same time.

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