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    09 Aug

    What to get rid of when moving?

    Once you realize the clear benefits of relocating with Packers and Movers pune to Pune fewer belongings, the next step is to identify the things to get rid of when moving in order to decide what to do with them. This time-consuming task is called sorting /inventorying/, and it’s exactly what you are advised to do the moment you find a bit of time on your hands.

    Follow the next few steps to be able to complete the sorting process quickly so that you can start work on other equally important tasks. Here’s how to get rid of clutter before you move out:

    Step 1. Initiate the sorting process one room at a time, and make sure you begin from the rooms with the most items in them.

    Step 2. Start sorting out the big items first (furniture, electric appliances, specialty household items, etc.) and then move on to the smaller ones (books, clothes, bathroom products, etc).

    Step 3. Create a quick classification method to finish the sorting job faster. As a rule of thumb, you are encouraged to have at least the following 4 major categories: must-take items, valuables, unwanted/unneeded items, and useless items.

    Step 4. Identify the must-take items. While writing down all the things you own, mark down the possessions that you will definitely take with you. These are the no-brainers: your recently purchased flat-screen TV will come with you as will the set of expensive soft furniture pieces you bought for the living room. Also, your rare collection of first-edition books will look lovely on the bookcase in your new home. Whatever indispensable items fall into this group, they need to make it safe and sound to the new address.

    Step 5. Guard your valuables. Valuable items can mean so much for you for a number of reasons – monetary value, sentimental value, and so on. These are usually the things you will not easily part with unless you come to the conclusion that it’s better to sell some of them (not the sentimental ones, of course) prior to the move to earn money and save space – read on to learn of your sale options. For the time being, however, your primary goal is to set them apart: expensive electronic equipment, jewelry pieces, heirlooms, antiques, emotional gifts, and of course – your child’s very first pair of shoes.

    Get rid of stuff when moving

    It’s sad when things that used to mean the world to somebody are later just thrown away.

    Step 6. Mark all unwanted or unneeded stuff. This is the category that you need to close pay attention to because getting rid of the stuff found in it is your priority. Yes, successful sorting and consequent reduction of the number of your no longer needed items will let redirect more financial resources to other essential relocation aspects that require them. So, what are the things you may no longer want or need?

    Outdated or outgrown items such as shoes, clothes, children’s toys, and so on;

    Duplicate items – do you really need 3 toasters and 2 microwave ovens?;

    Forgotten items – when was the last time you used your tennis racket? Sports equipment, musical instruments, and other special-purpose things are just a small taste of what was once great and useful but is now forgotten and useless;

    Collector’s items you no longer care about. Maybe it’s time to cash out on a sizable collection that stopped giving you any joy a long time ago? Re-evaluate your options with the factors Money and Space in mind.

    Gifts you never really liked. No, you’re not supposed to sell or give away presents made by friends or family or relatives but that big and heavy bowling ball… you don’t even like bowling that much.

    Step 7. Useless stuff. Well, you know perfectly well what you should do with anything that is broken or damaged beyond repair, or worn out beyond any further usage. Or, if you’re still not sure, see the next section to see what options you have to get rid of unwanted items in your home.

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