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    09 Aug

    How to Get Rid of Stuff Before Moving

    If you’ve lived under one roof for more than 5 years, then the chances are that you will be surrounded by a great number of material things that are supposed to make your life easier and more fun.

    In most cases, owning stuff defines who you are and what you are passionate about – you wouldn’t own a massive book collection if you didn’t like reading books, and you wouldn’t own a guitar if you showed no interest in music whatsoever, right?

    The accumulation of stuff is often inevitable – after all, what would a home look like without any pieces of furniture, furnishings, electric appliances, electronic equipment, and of course – your personal items that you prize so much?

    And naturally, things are perfectly fine until the moment comes when circumstances force you to move to another home, often in another city or a different state. For when it’s time to move house, you just can’t take all your possessions with you. Or to put it better, you can but you shouldn’t.

    Isn’t it easier and faster to just throw everything you own into boxes and finish the packing job in style? Not really.

    Learn how to get rid of clutter before moving, and why you should do it in the first place.

    Why less stuff will help you move house for less

    You only need to combine two facts together in order to understand the idea behind sorting out your stuff before you move and then deciding what to get rid of before it’s time to leave your current home and what to take with you to your new address.

    The two little pieces of factual wisdom that will help you save loads of money in the long run are:

    In general, moving house is an expensive business! According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of an intrastate is around $2,300, while the average of an interstate Packers and Movers pune to Gurgaon.

    The moving cost is calculated on the basis of several important factors, and one of the most influential price-forming factors is the overall weight of the shipment.

    By now it should be clear to you why everyone is frantically searching for good ways to reduce the moving cost, and, keeping in mind what you just read above, you should definitely consider doing the same.

    In theory, it’s relatively simple – you simply have to take much less stuff with you when you move. In practice, however, that “simplicity” could turn out to be one of the hardest things you’ll do until you reach the protection of your new home.

    But why is it exactly that you should decide to get rid of unwanted household items?

    Declutter your home before moving to SAVE MONEY

    Some household items were never meant to have served for that long in the first place.

    When you choose a professional moving company to move your furniture and all the other things to the new home, a moving expert from the company you have selected should visit your home and make a visual inspection of the items you have for moving. The in-house survey will also include risk assessment and danger evaluation, but the main purpose of the visit is so that you can get a written estimate of the moving costs.

    And this is simple: the fewer items you have decided to move, the less the overall weight of the shipment will be, and therefore, the lower the quoted price will be. On Moving day, when the weight is actually measured after all the items have been loaded onto the moving truck, you may have to pay even less if that weight is kept to its absolute minimum. And that should save you a lot of money.

    Declutter before moving to MAKE MONEY

    To manage to keep more money in your bank account during that transitional time is great, but what could be even greater is the prospect of earning extra cash to help your own moving budget. And your informed decision to get rid of unwanted items before you move will help you get that fresh cash flow. How?

    By selling the things you no longer need, either online or at a garage sale, you’ll be able to pocket some much-needed cash and lower the transportation costs at the same time. Read on to learn more details about the benefits of a moving sale.

    Get rid of clutter before moving to SAVE TIME

    As one of the most powerful cost-saving techniques when moving house, selling, repurposing, donating, recycling, or throwing away all the unwanted things will let you save BIG. But that is not all – moving with fewer household items will also let you save valuable packing time as you won’t have to sort, inventory, prepare, and pack them.

    Purge your stuff before moving to SAVE SPACE

    The more unneeded items you choose to move to the new place, the more storage space you will need to put them away someplace safe. And that’s exactly why moving only the things you do like and intend to use in the future will let you save valuable storage space in the new home – something that is especially important when you’re moving into a smaller home (downsizing).

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