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    09 Aug

    In Moving? Temporary Housing Can Save the Day

    In an ideal world, moving to a new home is seamless, and the transition happens effortlessly. You sell your home or move out with Packers and Movers Kolkata to Lucknow of your apartment, immediately find a new place, and move right in.

    But life isn’t always ideal.

    Because of timing or extenuating circumstances, people do sometimes end up in limbo while selling old home or looking for a new home. Others may have difficulty in deciding where to settle in a new city.

    Temporary Housing

    In the past, housing options for this “in-between” period came down to either a hotel or a friend’s sofa. Nowadays, temporary housing options are much more comfortable than a sofa and easier on the budget than a hotel.

    Temporary housing might be your best bet if you need accommodations for a month or longer, combining hotel convenience with home-like comfort.

    These professionally-managed private, furnished, full-sized accommodations are available on month-to-month leases and are move-in-ready. They offer furnishings, a kitchen, linens, home electronics, a washer/dryer, and connected utilities and typically run larger than a hotel room.

    Locations, Amenities, and Services

    Temporary housing units are available in many U.S. cities and some international locations. Some accept pets, and many offer optional guest services such as maid services. Available amenities and services vary by location.

    A temporary housing company representative can answer your questions, describe the accommodations, or send you an information packet.

    The Cost of Temporary Housing

    Temporary housing ranges in style and price from budget-friendly to luxury. Typically, temporary housing costs less than a comparable hotel but more than an unfurnished apartment.

    Location also contributes to the price. Temporary housing in New York or San Francisco may cost twice as much as comparable housing in Dallas.

    A temporary housing unit in a suburban residential area will likely have a much different cost than a unit located in the heart of the city. Costs also depend on the amount of furnishings and services you require.

    When inquiring about temporary housing, ask about all available options, locations, prices, furnishings, and services.

    Sizes to Suit Everyone

    Temporary housing can be a great solution for individuals or families, because it offers accommodations ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments.

    Some temporary housing companies even offer full-size homes or condominiums.

    Before signing a contract, always ask the company representative to describe the accommodations in detail or send you information.

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