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    09 Aug

    Moving Checklist 1 week before moving day

    Take your views with you when you move with Packers and Movers Kolkata to Kanpur. When you move house, make sure you don’t lose your right to vote. Unless you inform the local council that you’ve moved, you may not be able to vote in future elections. Moving to a new area? Make sure you take your views with you – register to vote at your new address.

     – TV Licence.  Did you know that your TV Licence does not automatically move with you when you move house? If you don’t notify TV Licensing of your new address, you could end up being unlicensed in your new home, even if you paid for a licence at your old address. Anyone who watches TV without a licence risks prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000, so make sure you’re covered.

     – Changing your address details. 

    Remember to change all your utility services.  Which is a free services that allows you to change your address details online, stopping services at your new address and starting them again at your property. 

     – TV/Video Rental.   If your TV or Video is rented you need to contact your rental company. If they are a large national firm you can normally take your items to your new address and your records will be transferred to their nearest branch or else arrange for them to be collected.

     – Electricity.* Contact your existing and new electricity companies. Advise them of your new address and date of removal. Give at least 48 hours notice.

     – Gas.* Contact your existing and new gas companies. Advise them of your new address and date of removal. Give at least 48 hours notice.

    *The gas and electricity markets are now open to competition and you can choose your supplier.

     – Water. At least 48 hours notice is required by both your existing and your new authority to arrange for disconnection and re-connection of supply.

     – Library.  Now is the ideal chance to return any library books that you find, no matter how long you have had them. Also advise them of your new address.

     – Subscriptions. Notify all organisations, charities and magazines which you subscribe to of your new address.

     – Newspapers/Milk. Settle all outstanding accounts and cancel them all.

     – Soft Furnishings. If you have arranged to have carpets / curtains etc delivered to your new address, confirm that the companies have the correct delivery address, date and time. If you have to have your carpets fitted on the day of the removal remember that you will have removal men walking in and out of your new house so tell your removal company and arrange for the carpets to be put down as soon as you receive the keys.

     – Borrowed or loaned items. Return any items that you have borrowed from friends and neighbours.

     – Children. If possible arrange for the children to be looked after on removal day. We have put together a few tips and games when you are moving home with children to keep the children happy and out of harms way on move day.

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