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    09 Aug

    Moving by Yourself? Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes

    You’ve probably heard numerous clever quotes about making mistakes in life, and until you’re the one blundering, those words of wisdom actually sound fine.

    Depending on your current state of mind, such quotes can even be somewhat inspirational: Mistakes are stepping stones to success. But make no mistake, once you find yourself on the other side, the grass doesn’t even seem remotely green. Make a costly blunder and you may not be able to see any grass at all.

    Now, it’s never fun to err, especially during a period where there’s a bad combination of elevated stress, money at stake, and too little time – like a house move, for example.

    Without a doubt, moving from one home to another is a unique period in one’s life where the extremely transitional nature of the life-changing event tends to put a lot of pressure on people. And as you can imagine, increased levels of stress lead to a higher number of errors from the people who are often already too stressed out as it is.

    If you yourself are facing a house move anytime soon and you’re thinking of moving on your own, then it’s extremely important that you stay away from serious trouble by avoiding the most common mistakes when moving on your own.

    Some move-related mistakes are too insignificant and you can simply ignore them – for example, forgetting to clean your refrigerator prior to moving day. Other errors will greatly slow down your progress – running out of essential packing materials, for instance. And yet, there are blunders that could really cost you – hiring the services of a bad moving company is definitely one of them.

    Stay safe. Stay protected. Avoid these Do-It-Yourself mistakes when moving by yourself.

    Mistake: Professional Packers and Movers pune to Bhubaneswar are too expensive!

    It’s a common misconception to assume that professional relocation services are always much costlier than organizing and executing a Do-It-Yourself house move.

    The truth is that it’s very hard, and even unfair, to make general comparisons due to the fact that the moving price is formed on a case-by-case basis. In other words, because of the great number of additional factors that affect the final moving price, no two house moves will cost the same even if they seem very similar.

    DIY moving tips

    Generally speaking, moving by yourself will be cheaper only when

    • you’re moving within the same town and city,
    • you’re moving locally within a radius of 100 miles and will not be crossing any state lines,
    • you have previous experience in organizing a house move,
    • you’re moving out of a relatively small home with not too many, too heavy, or too expensive household items in it, and
    • you know you can rely on a few good friends to give you a hand when you need it the most.

    Don’t make the moving mistake of assuming that hiring a professional moving company will cost you more, especially if you don’t meet all or almost all of the conditions above.

    Once you leave the realm of a local move, a top-rated cross-country mover becomes vital for the successful end of your relocation adventure. After all, not for a moment should you forget the staggering number of hidden costs when moving on your own:

    • obtaining quality packing materials,
    • renting a moving vehicle and moving equipment,
    • purchasing adequate relocation insurance,
    • paying for road tolls and taxes,
    • paying for additional loading/unloading labor,
    • food and lodging along the road, etc.

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