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    09 Aug

    3 Packing Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

    It’s hardly a surprise that with so many things to take care of, the process of moving house with Packers and Movers pune to Kolkata often proves to be more complicated than you have originally planned.

    Add the constantly increasing move-related stress prior to your moving day, and all of a sudden, you get a highly volatile situation where the number of unforced and forced moving errors can easily skyrocket.

    To help you have a stress-free move from start to finish, take a look at the top 10 common mistakes when packing for a move – costly mistakes which you must avoid in order to keep things under control.

    Mistake #1: To start packing without a good plan

    One of the most common mistakes when packing for a move is to just start boxing any household items you can get hold of without having a clear packing strategy in your head or written down on a piece of paper.

    The major problem with packing up your home on a random principle is that although it feels like you’ve initiated the most time-consuming process a residential move can kindly offer, in reality, chances are that you’ll be only wasting precious time. And time is exactly what you don’t have the luxury of wasting when getting ready to move out.

    The proper course of action here is to create a packing timeline for moving which you should consult frequently and stick to diligently in order tocrease significantly your packing productivity. Make sure you also prioritize and customize your packing tasks as well.

    Packing Timeline For Moving: Your Packing Checklist

    Mistake #2: To leave packing jobs for moving day

    Later is such a dangerous word, especially when you’re about to pack up your home for a move. Of all common packing mistakes, a classic example is to leave most of the packing tasks for later in order to take care of a more “urgent” job.

    The thing to understand here is that, regardless of how much time you have left until the Big day, the more you tend to procrastinate packing, the harder it will be for you to actually begin the process. Procrastination will lead to stress, stress will lead to panic, and panic will lead to bad decisions.

    Write this down or just make sure you remember this fundamental move-related concept: the only way to get something done the right way is to start working on it right away.

    In other words, initiate the arduous packing process the moment your house move is confirmed.

    What to pack FIRST when moving

    Mistake #3: To think that sorting your items is a waste of time

    Best way to pack for a move

    Still think pre-move sorting is a waste of time?

    Speaking of common moving mistakes when packing for a move, another blunder when moving house is to assume that the required step of sorting household items can be skipped without any serious consequences.

    Of course, there’s a good reason why some people get the impression that they will save a lot of valuable time by packing everything they own now and sorting it out later when they arrive in their new homes.

    There’s only one big problem with this line of thinking – it is completely wrong.

    In reality, such a packing strategy will not only waste more of your time /packing more items will require more time/, but it will also hurt your budget badly /the more your final shipment weighs, the more money you will pay for its transportation/.

    So, don’t skip the pre-move sorting task. In the end, you should take with you only the things you will really need in the foreseeable future.

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