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    09 Aug

    Packing Checklist: Packing Timeline For Moving

    Moving house is an extremely busy period where the success often depends on the ability to tackle one tough task after another. Time management is crucial and failure to optimize the weeks, days, and hours you are given could lead to catastrophic results.

    The solution is simple: you do need a personalized and prioritized moving checklist to keep you as organized and motivated as humanly possible. And when it comes to the toughest pre-move jobs of them all (Packers and Movers pune to Ahmedabad), you must be in possession of good packing timeline for moving that will lead you to a successful end.

    Take advantage of the following general packing timeline, borrow the ideas that best work in your case, and turn it into your personal packing checklist.

    Yes, it’s as simple as that.

    4 weeks prior to Moving day

    Having one full month before the scheduled move-out day is a reason enough to consider yourself lucky, at least luckier than anyone who only has a few days to box all of their belongings. If you manage to keep things organized and succeed in keeping your focus when packing up your home for moving, then you should be able to finish the packing process comfortably ahead of time.

    4 weeks or more prior to Moving day is all about one of the best packing hacks ever: pre-packing. Here are the things you can pre-pack and get out of your way very early in the packing marathon:

    Out of the season stuff. Box any items that you know you definitely won’t need until it’s time to move out. Usually, those are out-of-season things such as clothes, shoes, clothes accessories, and so on.

    Special tools. If you happen to own special equipment (usually stored away in your storage areas), then it’s time to get them ready for transportation. Such pieces of specialized equipment may include sports equipment, fishing tackle, electric power tools, lawn equipment, and so on.

    Collectible items. You probably won’t be in the mood to marvel at your coin and stamp collections in the period leading up to your move day. Pack up all types of collectibles you have in your home – figurines, dolls, art collections, coins, stamps, and so on. Note that most of those things are very delicate and fragile, so pay special attention to their safe packing.

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