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    08 Jul

    Tips for Local Home Relocation within India

    “Home” is rather a concept of the mind, different from “house”. Leaving a “house” with all your belongings is much easier than moving away from “home”. But as the cliché goes, the only thing that never changes is Change. Home relocation happens in everybody’s life, at least once.

    How do you relocate home in one of India’s biggest cities- a city that is itself a district, and additionally, has jurisdiction over another district in the state of West Bengal? Local home shifting in a city as large as India is as challenging as shifting nationally.

    For shifting household items from one address in India to another, there are 5 vital tips.

    1)    Choose from a list of local Packers and Movers Gurgaon to Ahmedabad services

    Many packing and moving companies can help in local home shifting in India, with their different branches and a wide range of services, but only a local household items shifting company with an intricate relationship with the streets of the city can help with hassle-free home shifting.

    2)    Ask for a free quote

    A step towards smooth shifting of household items is for trained personnel to evaluate the size of your consignment and provide you with a quote, free of charge. Choose at least three local packers and movers India  and contact each to ask for a free quote. Choose a company that is reliable. It could be an IBA-approved transporter, or have ISO 9000 or other quality management certifications, but when you are looking for a local company, word-of-mouth is the best recommendation you can get. Many local companies might lack either the resources or the awareness to apply for certifications, but can provide high quality of services. You can even try a startup company for local home shifting; just make sure they are not frauds by checking the company balance sheet.

    3)    Pack and clean up

    Packing is not just cardboard boxes, bubblewrap, tape, and a strong marker pen. They are not enough, especially during monsoon. Household itemsshould be packed properly with the best waterproof packaging material suited to each item. Apart from cardboard boxes, there will be cartons, and maybe even wooden crates. Make an inventory of items packed, and thoroughly check every room for anything left behind. The packers and movers should ideally clean up your old home after the packing is done.

    4) Insurance and transit

    Take care tosure your household items before shifting them. If the local relocation company has the logistics to track the transit vehicle, that would be wonderful, but for local home shifting, the company whose services you are employing may not have such infrastructure. In fact, even their fleet of carriers may not be their own, but vehicles on hire. If you are worried about your household items getting lost in transit, choose to accompany the people driving the transit vehicle, or ask for an escort vehicle.

    5) Unloading and unpacking

    Local home shifting in India would be complete only when the household items are unloaded, and unpacked. The packers and movers should unpack the priorities first, and then arrange other items to set up the basic structure of the new home. The place should ideally be cleaned before they leave.

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