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    08 Jul

    India- Why Should you use IBA-Approved P&M

    Cashing in on people’s need to move from place to place, and their willingness to pay for proper home shifting, car shifting, or any other such services, the relocation industry out there has several packers and movers India willing to do the job for you. Each advertises itself as the best, the most reliable, the most professional company, providing premium quality services. But you need to do your own research before you select any of these.

    For home sifting within the huge metro of India, or for moving to other metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, India etc you would need to find a Packers and Movers Gurgaon to Kolkata services that would meet all your requirements very efficiently. Simply check if it is approved by the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA). These are registered and certified companies with a strong network all over India, be it in the big metros or in small towns. Finding IBA approved packers and movers India, or other major cities like India, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc is easy enough, because of their sheer number. In more remote places, searching becomes a little difficult. 

    Transport operators are recommended by the IBA to its Member Banks for home shifting in India only when they fulfill certain criteria, complete proper documentation, and promise to undertake some obligations. While the IBA does not promise safety of goods in transit or compensation for damaged goods,, IBA approval means the approved packers and movers company is, at the very least, genuine. They have completed documentation and are bound by some obligations. Should they fail to comply, they would risk losing their status in the Approved List.

    Banks often undertake the activity of lending money to transportation companies against the security provided on the basis of receipts issued by them. IBA makes this easier for its Member Banks, when the banks are provided with a list of approved companies. The transport vehicles used by IBA-approved packers and movers are licensed and their receipts treated at par with Railway receipts. The company has the same obligations as the Railways. This promises that the packers and movers approved by IBA would use appropriate container vehicles for your consignment, and is likely to have infrastructure in place for tracking the transit vehicle containing your consignment wherever it is shifted- in the city, or to other metro cities.

    Employing an IBA approved packers and movers for home shifting in India must happen through the same steps as with any packers and movers- select a few, ask for a free survey and the quote, and then choose one within your budget. Make sure you insure your goods so that you may make claims for damages in transit. Then sit back and let the professionals do the packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking to set up your new home.

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