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    09 Aug

    How to Choose the Best Date for Your Move

    Even if you don’t realize it, the date on which you decide to move out plays a big role in the big picture of your move. Consider Packers and Movers Kolkata to Ahmedabad us.

    Sometimes you don’t really have a choice and the move-out date is decided for you. One way or another, circumstances – the ones that are usually out of your direct control – force you to set a moving day and then you make everything possible to organize the entire move around that specific date.

    Other times, though, you are given the rare opportunity to decide on a moving date yourself without any external influences of any kind. In such cases, you should really take advantage of your flexibility and pick a date that will bring you a number of benefits, including possible moving cost reduction.

    Here’s what you should know when setting a moving day provided that you have a say in the relocation scheduling task.

    Here’s how to make the date you decide to move on work for you!

    When your moving date is already fixed

    Due to the concrete set of circumstances that force you up and move house, you may not be able to pick a moving date that’s actually favorable to you. In such a relocation case, the date on which you have to move out will be chosen for you.

    This can be a good thing, more or less, because you won’t have to worry about choosing the best date for you – it’s already decided and there’s nothing you can do to change it. However, being left without a choice when scheduling the house move can also prove to be rather disadvantageous.

    Your lease is ending

    If you’re renting a place, the end of your lease agreement is just around the corner, and you have no intention to extend your stay there, then your move-out date has already been decided, hasn’t it? According to the terms and conditions of the lease contract, you should be expected to vacate the rented property at the end of the month in which the lease expires.

    In such a case, make sure you complete your end of the bargain – moving out on time and leaving the place in good condition – so that you can get back your security deposit from the landlord without any problems.

    You’re starting a new job

    One of the most common reasons for people to move house is a new job, often in a new state altogether. Job-related moves have been steadily on the rise, so if you’re getting ready to move out because a new job is waiting for you in another city, then you’ll have little or no control over your moving date.

    As a new employee, you will be expected to start work on a specific date, which basically means that you’ll have to move out of your current place shortly before that so that you have time to move into the new home, unpack a few essentials boxes, and then start work at the new workplace.

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