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    09 Aug

    What’s the best season to move in house?

    Well, if you’re flexible enough to be able to pick a season in which you can move to another home, then you should at least understand the basic pros and cons of moving during each season.

    What is the best season to move house?

    Moving out in late fall can prove to be quite advantageous.

    Summer. The pros of moving in the summer are that the weather is nice (unless it’s too hot), adults can use paid vacation to organize the move, and children are off school during the summer break. The cons of moving in the summer are the higher moving company prices and the low availability of great moving companies.

    Winter. The pros of moving in the winter are that moving companies tend to charge less because of the fewer jobs and the availability of reputable Packers and Movers Kolkata to Bhubaneswar is far greater. The major disadvantage of moving in the winter is the cold weather, which can also be rather unpredictable in terms of snow, ice, blizzards, etc.

    Spring and fall. Spring and fall are arguably the best seasons to move house, especially late spring and early fall. The weather is mild and the movers’ prices should be reasonable enough. The greatest disadvantage of moving during those seasons seems to be likely disruption of your kids’ school year.


    When scheduling a move, it’s important to understand which days in a month are more advantageous for house moving and which ones are less so. It’s great to have the freedom to pick the date of your move freely, but the idea is to also get some sort of a bonus – reduced moving costs in most cases.

    Bear in mind that the first few days and the last few days of a month are the busiest ones regardless of the moving season. Why? These are the days when rental leases end, so many people are moving out of and moving into rental properties at the same time.

    As a result of this, moving companies will charge more money during those days due to the increased interest by people looking for professional moving services. If you choose to move by yourself, then you should know that truck rental agencies will also charge their customers more money because of the increased demand for their rental trucks.

    Therefore, given the flexibility of picking the date of your move, go for a day somewhere in the middle of a month when the demand for top-rated movers tends to be lower – except for the peak moving season, that is.

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