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    09 Aug


    At Smart Move India – Removals Company, we can move anything anywhere, regardless of its size, value, and condition. We have professional Packers and Movers Kolkata to Pune, so if you have delicate or difficult items requiring special treatment, we know exactly what to do.

    Packing and Packing materials.

    We take the stress out of moving and we promise you’ll get a high-quality services for a competitive price.

    Our friendly moving team can guarantee a seamless move for individuals, households, and businesses, whether the relocation concerns a nearby city or an international destination. They will always provide an efficient, fast and effective removal services.

    We are transforming into art the way we are packing fragile items so that they’re properly protected and do not break in transit.

    We’ll make it worth spending your time hiring a professional removals company to help you move.

    Packing up your stuff may not sound that difficult, as our company can supply all the materials for packing and we will pack your stuff and unpack them at your new location. No need to worry about anything!

    Our removal workers will also know how much weight the boxes can carry and will add your items in each one of them in a very safe way, so you can avoid hurting yourself or ruining your valuable objects.

    The estimated cost of hiring us will depend on the number of goods being transported which is a key consideration, but the distance travelled, size of crew and speed of packing will also play a role in deciding the total cost.

    When you tell us about your objects in need to be moved we kindly ask you to be as honest and accurate as you can when listing your possessions, and don’t forget the contents of a loft or garage. Do let us know about all the details regarding your location like available parking space, restricted access to your location or very tight stairways, that can affect the job.

    Special policies apply for high-value possessions.

    What is recommended to do before our Smart Move India removals team arrive:

    1. Make a full inventory of your possessions (not necessary).
    2. Check the parking restrictions for large removals vehicles at your current home and at your new home. We may need to apply to the Council for permits.
    3. Finalize details with our removals company – confirm times, emergency numbers, parking, and directions.
    4. If you’re relocating due to a job move, find out what costs your employer will cover.
    5. Clear out the loft, shed, and other storage and outside spaces.
    6. Safely dispose of all flammable materials and liquids that require specialist treatment – our removal company cannot move dangerous liquids.
    7. Arrange child and pet care for your moving day – don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to help you.
    8. With a day before moving, walk around your house for a final, thorough check – take your time doing this to ensure you leave nothing behind.

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